Individual practice (excluding rehearsal) (10 points)

The student…

10 Always practices at least 60 minutes per week
8 Usually practices at least 60 minutes per week
6 Sometimes practices at least 60 minutes per week
4 Usually practices, but less than 60 minutes per week
2 Sometimes practices, but less than 60 minutes per week
0 Never practices

On time to rehearsals/concerts (10 points) (Rehearsal begins at 7:55 a.m.)

Unexcused absences will also result in disciplinary action. The student is seated and ready to play.

10 Always on time and ready to play
7 One unexcused tardy/absence
5 Two unexcused tardies/absences
3 Three unexcused tardies/absences
0 Four or more unexcused tardies/absences

Comes to rehearsals prepared (10 points)

The student brings his/her instrument, necessary equipment, music, and a pencil to rehearsals.

10 Always prepared
8 Unprepared once
6 Unprepared twice
4 Unprepared three times
2 Unprepared four times
0 Rarely prepared for class

Proper playing posture in rehearsals and concerts (5 points)

The student sits straight with feet on the floor in rehearsals and concerts.

5 Always
4 Almost always, no reminders
3 Usually, one or two reminders
2 Have had frequent reminders
1 Practically daily reminders

Listens in rehearsals when the teacher or other students talk (5 points)

The student listens without talking, concentrates and is focused in rehearsals.

5 Always
4 Almost always
3 Usually
2 Sometimes
1 Disruptive
0 Disciplinary action taken for behavior

Respects school property (5 points)

The student treats school equipment, music, and instruments with care in order to maintain present condition.

5 Always and music is returned in good condition
3 Usually but music is returned damaged
0 School instrument damaged or music is not returned

Concert behavior (5 points)

5 Excellent personal presentation—watches the conductor, performs, and looks good
3 Watches the conductor sometimes and the audience sometimes
1 Barely plays instrument, does not concentrate and looks sloppy
0 Poor personal presentation—talking, laughing, distracting to conductor, other performers, audience during the concert. Unexcused absence.


Student expectations

  1. Act with courtesy toward teachers and other students.
  2. Be present and on time for all rehearsals and performances.
  3. Bring your instrument, music and a pencil to all rehearsals.
  4. Use your own instrument or a school instrument that has been assigned to you.
  5. Learn your music and be a contributing member of the band.
  6. Be prepared to participate in rehearsals and performances.
  7. Respect school property (books, music, instruments, equipment, etc.) and keep in good condition.

Rehearsal and concert behavior

  1. Sit in assigned seat. (Class seating plans are a SAD 9 district policy)
  2. Use appropriate posture during rehearsals and concerts. Sit up with your feet flat on the floor. No crossed legs.
  3. Listen; do not talk, when the teacher or another student is talking.
  4. Focus on the music and the rehearsal.
  5. When in band rehearsal a student will do band work and not work from another class.
  6. No gum chewing, eating or drinking during a rehearsal or concert.


  1. Grades will be based upon the posted student performance rubric (participation, attitude and behavior during rehearsals and performances) 50%
  2. Quarterly quizzes based upon repertoire currently being rehearsed/performed. 25%
  3. Playing exams. 25% The student will be asked to play a previously announced section of band music that has been rehearsed during that grading period. The student will be given a grade based on the posted Playing Exam Rubric.
  4. Students may earn extra credit for extra work. Extra credit points are awarded for extra help sessions with Mrs. Beacham, for performing in outside musical ensembles, or for other musical activities that have a significant musical benefit for the student.


  1. Students are expected to attend all performances. An unexcused absence will cause a student's grade to be lowered by one whole letter grade. An excused absence must be requested in writing and approved in advance of the performance date.
  2. Appropriate concert clothing is required. Men will wear black pants, black socks, black shoes with a white shirt and long dark tie. Women will wear black pants or long black skirt, black shoes and a white shirt. Adherence to SAD 9 guidelines for appropriate clothing is required.


The following steps will be taken for disciplinary situations:

  1. Warning and after class discussion with teacher.
  2. Administrative referral and possibility of detention.
  3. Administrative referral, possibility of detention and parent contact.
  4. Parent-student-administrator-teacher conference.